ALritma X

  • Description: Device for applying labels, optionally with printing
  • Operating mode: Applicator of ready labels, Labeller with print and buffer
  • Label width: 55 to 200 mm, Up to 100mm
  • Type of solution: Industrial

Alritma X is the fastest device available at Altech. They can apply up to 900 labels per minute.


Alritma Series

Detailed description of the machine

Despite its compact size, the X model is equipped with an enlarged label tray (400mm diameter) and a stronger sleeper winder to provide longer run times and reduce downtime. Thanks to the powerful stepper motor, it can reach a label feed speed of 40 m/min, a model available in two versions for labels with a width of 100 and 200 mm. The most advanced version of the ALritma X – equipped with a „High-performance” kit consisting of a separately driven used primer winder and an innovative „push-pull” label web drive system – offers labelling speeds of up to 90 m/min (up to approx. 900 labels/minute depending on size); despite this incredible performance, the high level of positioning accuracy is maintained even when the product’s transport speed is varied.

Facilitated paper loading system (with cantilever rollers),

Push-pull drive system for double-acting pre-unwinding,

Compact silicone paper winder with brushless motor and motor reducer in the unwind plate,

Silicone paper removal system integrated with the paper drive disc,

Detection of the close end of the roll and the full winder with ultrasonic sensors,

Spool locking system with expansion mandrel,

Machine body with IP55 protection,

Compact control box with touch interface.

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