ALline, ALbelt

  • Description: Integrated labelling solutions with transporter, optionally with feeder, receiver, housing
  • Operating mode: Applicator of ready labels, Labeller with print and buffer, Labeller with real-time printing
  • Label width: 55 to 200 mm, 55 to 300 mm, Up to 100mm
  • Type of solution: Industrial

On the basis of standard labelling devices (ALstep, ALritma, ALcode), entire systems integrated with the conveyor are created, whether with INKJET printing marking, feeder and receiver. In a housing or without. Systems adapted to the food industry with a structure based on stainless steel.


Alcode device series

Detailed description of the machine

On the basis of labelling heads, solutions dedicated to individual applications are built, whether round products, bands or front and back labelling. These are, among others, also devices dedicated to a specific labelling.

ALbelt – Labeller with open base. ALbelt is a simplified linear labelling system that is open and compact, completely automatic and extremely economical. It can be configured for top and side labelling of various products, mainly flat.
It is based on a solid construction with an applicator (to choose the ALstep or ALritma model) and additional accessories, it is a proven and economical solution for demanding clients.
ALline C — labelling system around the product. The ALline C labelling machine is perfect for applying labels wrapped on cylindrical packaging, usually food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, in plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars, etc.
ALline E – Front and back labelling machine. The ALline E automatic labelling machine is designed to apply one, two or more front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars. Compact design, on aluminium or stainless-steel profiles for the food industry.

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