Ventus Pallet

  • Description: Real-time printing and labelling devices
  • Operating mode: Labeller with real-time printing
  • Label width: 55 to 200 mm, Up to 100mm
  • Type of solution: Industrial

Ventus Pallet has been developed specifically for pallet labelling. The applicator rotary head allows two sides of the pallet to be labelled. The basis for designing the device was a uniform standard for marking pallets. However, the position of the labelling head may be adapted to the horizontal or vertical application of the labels. Ventus Pallet requires only one square meter of space to function. The labelling speed of the machine is six pallets per minute, while applying labels on both sides of the pallet.


Ventus Pallet Series

Detailed description of the machine


The Ventus printing and labelling system has been designed and developed by the Finnish company KLINGER. Due to its real-time labelling capability, the information as well as the product itself can be easily changed. The available attachment accessories enable the Ventus device to mark all products, regardless of the industry and purpose. The modular design gives your company the ability to customize unique labelling solutions at minimal cost.

In addition, the small and compact size of the device makes it easy to install and use in all circumstances. Ventus fully combines attractive price with reliability, durability, flexibility and ease of use. Ventus has a rich library of support languages and, of course, a standard English language.


·        Ease of adaptation
·        Reliability
·        User friendly
·        Two versions: the basic version and the full version for Windows PC
·        Ease of adjustment
·        Can be connected to a network or WLAN
·        Heavy duty metal body


Technical specifications
HMI Touch screen, Digital screen with manual buttons, MiniPC with WIndows system
Printers SATO S8x - ex / Zebra ZE500 and compatible
Label size up to A5 (148 x 200 mm)
Capacity Max capacity 6 pallets/minute (labels on both sides of the pallet) Max. 10 pallets/minute (labels on one side of the pallet)

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